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Armed Forces : A Date That Shall Live in Infamy
Posted by Matthew Kennedy on 2014/12/7 11:02:48 (231 reads)
Armed Forces

Today, 73 years ago, the Japanese surprise attacked Pearl Harbor, destroying many ships and killing thousands of people. It would be the worst attack on US soil until the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on September 11th, 2001.

Today we remember all those who gave their lives that day, and every day, to protect our great country.

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Site Updates : Almost 10 Years
Posted by Matthew Kennedy on 2013/7/11 19:30:00 (583 reads)

It's been almost 10 years since I started this site, and several since I last posted an update. I am currently making a backup of the site and will be making some changes. A lot has changed in ten years.

These days everyone posts on Facebook or Twitter. Hardly anyone has their own website anymore. If they do, they're most likely running WordPress. This site will also likely use WordPress as it offers better controls and spam management then the creaky old version of XOOPS it is currently running.

It's been a good run, and I'd like to move forward with something even better in the future. This and Open Source Gaming are where I started designing websites.

If you haven't had a look, you should definitely check out the organization that hosts this site, They are fantastic about what they do, and I've been donating to them ever since I started my first "real job".

Take care!

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Idiocy : I Used to Think it was Just Me
Posted by Matthew Kennedy on 2012/1/16 2:05:15 (1129 reads)

For years I thought I was just a little crazy. I have a level of cynicism that is hard to beat. I'm a curmudgeon in the making. The problem is that I look for facts to prove me wrong, and I'm not finding any. The world is a crappy place. It has been for a long time. It's a farce and wishful thinking to believe otherwise. Millions are hungry just in the United States alone. People tell me it's wrong to take money from the rich and redistribute it to the poor. That's socialism! That's bad! Those rich people earned it, so they should be able to do what they want with their money. But shouldn't the poor be able to eat? And have an education? What about a roof over their head?

If you're really lucky and do it right, you can work your way up from the bottom of the pyramid to somewhere in the middle. You can have a relatively comfortable life, watch TV, have an iPhone, drive a Lexus... just what the rich folks want. By keeping us all comfortable and fat, we don't have the drive to make change happen. And change does need to happen. This country is sliding into the shitter all around us! Our roads are going to #OOPS#, our education is going to #OOPS#, and if it's possible, our politicians are even shittier than ever. Democrats, Republicans... they're all the same #OOPS#.

I'm pissed. The United States and the Constitution are two things I love dearly. I don't believe in much, but I believe in the Constitution, that all are created equal, and that the freedom of speech is the most important human right anyone can have. So it's about time that the Department of Homeland Security, the President, and Congress stopped shitting on our rights and freedoms.

What good is feeling safe when the real terrorists are your government and the victim was your freedom?

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NASA : Remembering Challenger
Posted by Matthew Kennedy on 2009/1/28 13:10:00 (2589 reads)

Twenty-three years ago, seven astronauts lifted off from Cape Canaveral on the space shuttle Challenger, never to return to Earth.

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Law & Politics : Think Fast -- What would you do?
Posted by Matthew Kennedy on 2008/12/15 14:40:00 (2502 reads)
Law & Politics

The big news lately is that President Bush ducked some shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist. The "blogosphere" (I hate that word) is having a field day with it. But it got me thinking... what would you do if someone threw their shoes at you? Would you duck, dodge, block, or try to catch them? I'm the sort of person who likes to turn an insult into a compliment... or at the very least, deflect it back.

I would have tried to catch the shoes, or block them. I mean, they're only shoes. Having caught them, I would kindly walk over and return them.

Then again, I wouldn't have ever gotten myself into the predicament George W. Bush is in. I probably wouldn't be hated enough by anyone that they'd actually want to throw their shoes at me. It's a shame too, because it's the sort of thing that can show you what a person is made of.

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